Congratulations on opening of Costco MinHang store in Shanghai

Congratulations on opening of Costco MinHang store in Shanghai, This joyful, but shocking store opening scene brought me back to 1996, the first modern supermarket opening day in Shanghai..................

Thanks to the trust of leaders at all levels of Costco, Entire integration task of the refrigeration system was handed over to Shanghai Fute Refrigeration's team for implementation,thanks to Costco and relevant company for their trust, care, guidance and help during the execution of each steps of our tasks.

So far, we have received many encouragements and praises from leaders at all levels of Costco and practitioners in the refrigeration industry.

The refrigeration system performed very well, energy saving effect is remarkable, and the seamless connection of the cold chain ensures that consumers enjoy their friendly shopping experience and food safety.

we sincerely wish that everything will go smoothly and prosperous business in the years to come, bringing many friendly shopping experience and benefits to your Chinese members.