• what we can assist you


      A) Design, Installation and Commissioning for CO2 Refrigeration System. to:

      • Enviroment protection.
      • Energy Saving. 

      A) Design, Equipment selection, Supply, Installation,  Remote monitor & Control system, Preventative maintenance, Emergency repair to:

      • Supermarket Refrigeration System.
      • Blast Freezer and Cold Room.
      • Freezer/Cold room warehouse. 
      • Hotel freezer/cold room.
      • Restaurants and Pub cool fixtures.

      B) Refurbishment & rebuild existing refrigeration equipment.

      • Reduce the comsumption of raw material & resouce.
      • Reduce the level of CO2 emission.
      • Reduce the initial investment.
      • Reduce the running cost.

      Our service is experenced in all commercial and most of industrial refrigeration application

    • Repair, Re-build Bitzer Compressor

      Shanghai Fute Refrigeration & Electrical Engineering is the authorized service/repair center for Bitzer compressor by Bitzer China, we have fully equipped latest tools and testing equipment, experienced and well trained technician to provide professional and quick repair or re-bulid service bitzer made compressor for various customer. you are very welcome to use our service, please give us call/email, we can arrange the disconnect, pick up, delivery as well installation service to the compressor need to be service or repair at your request.

    • Repair & maintenance

      Bitzer China's service center

    • Equipment installation

      Services: equipment installation.

    • Equipment Refurbishment Service

      You may have used your equipment for a long time or recently purchased pre-owned and well-worn equipment. When your older equipment is consistently not working at its optimum or appears to be at the end of its lifecycle, Fute Refrigeration & Electrical Engineering can add years of useful value to it with our Equipment Refurbishment Services.

      Refurbishment can significantly extend the useful life of your range of equipment and is an often preferred alternative to new equipment purchases. Many customers find that rebuild and refurbishment programs can save them 20-60% over the cost of new equipment and at the same time reduce running cost level to almost as the new equipment.  Continued use of existing equipment also eliminates costs associated with operation and service training on new systems. Like-new for longer useful service Fute Refrigeration & Electrical Engineering has successfully refurbished equipment for many customers over years old to a like-new state for useful service. Our thorough inspection and repair work often results in better performance from your equipment.

      The skill and experience of our Refurbishment Service technicians are so extensive we can ensure that each system we refurbish will perform to original OEM specifications. We have such confidence in our Refurbishment Services, we offer a
      standard factory warranty on all parts and work performed in a refurbishment.